60 and still rocking the fresh face!

I went to get Botox in Birmingham with my daughter. We went to a delightful little place called Birmingham Aesthetics – my daughter found them online and said they seemed like they were a great business! From what I remember she said ‘They are a company that offered non surgical cosmetics procedures’ that sounded pretty darn cool to me. I always thought that botox made you look frozen still, but i was very wrong. We look so much younger and fresher considering I’m in my 60’s. It got rid of a fair few of the wrinkles in my face and I feel 40 again!

Botox made me young again!

My daughter looked fantastic as well she always had confidence problems but now she just looks so lovely. The botox changed both and the way we feel with ourselves! Im very happy my daughter persuaded me to go through with it. It was a great experience and  I loved it.

A great dentist!

I had been using the same dentist my whole life but unfortunately it closed down a few months ago. I needed to find a new dentist that would treat me just as well as my old one did. I did a google search of ‘dentist walsall‘ and found a whole bunch of dentist practices that I could have chose from, but the one that stood out the most for me was WS4 Dental. My first impression of them was very good, they had a great website and they just looked like a lovely company.

My favourite dentist yet!

I contacted them about joining the practice and the women on the phone, who was very lovely, told me they’d be happy to have me join and that I should book my first appointment!I did so and it was a great experience. They were such a wonderful bunch of people and they made me feel so welcome. They were just as brilliant as my old dentist and I’m so glad I had chose such a fantastic dentist to replace my old one. I left with a big healthy smile on my face and I am very excited to go back!

My company has the greatest IT support

I would say the best IT support birmingham have would have to be CompexIT. They have helped my business out so much. We needed good IT support so we didn’t have to worry about the IT systems and just the work but our original IT support were terrible. They were never available when we needed them and it was driving me insane. CompexIT on the other hand have been amazing. They are always ready to help and they have updated all our systems and made the computers safer. They monitor everything so they are always ready to solve an issue before it becomes disruptive to my company.

The best it support in Birmingham

Im glad I chose to use CompexIT for my IT support as they have really helped keep my company safe. We are no longer loosing out on valuable time over waiting for problems to be fixed. They are brilliant and I’m so happy they are supporting my company. If you are looking for IT support then CompexIT are the best choice and wont let you down!

Great Exhibition stand opportunity!

Are you looking for a company to create a fantastic exhibition to boost the popularity of your company? Well, I know the perfect exhibition stand contractors that can make your company look the best it ever has! The key to a good business is presenting yourself to the best of your abilities and Priority Exhibitions can make that happen for your business. They will prioritise you and only you and design an amazing new exhibition that will change the image of your company for the better. Everyone will want a look once Priority Exhibitions have finished with your company!

Why choose Priority Exhibitions?

Priority have only the best intentions for you and your company, they let you choose the designs you like and let you have total control over the look of the design but are always there to give you some professional advice! Everyone who has used Priority have said how well there company is doing since letting them loose with the place!

Hair removal that made me confident!

I have always had very dark hair and as I began to get older it became very embarrassing for me as a young women to show skin. So I took to looking for ‘Hair removal Birmingham‘ online and managed to find Cottage Surgery. They spoke to me about the process of hair removal. they told me about how long it would take and the side effects. they also showed me other peoples before and afters of hair removal and it looked amazing!

I feel fantastic!

I agreed to the treatment and booked my first session. Within no time I was out and hair less – I had never felt more confident and lucky for me it was coming up to summer and I could finally feel comfortable to wear a bikini! Cottage Surgery really helped me out and I am so glad I chose to go to them!

My new windows look amazing!

I got some fantastic new windows from Fradan last month! I all started with a google search of ‘windows Tamworth‘ and I found their fantastic company! They gave me a brilliant quote on my front and back windows and the price was great unlike all the other companies I had quotes from. They had a great range of window styles to choose from and they were very helpful in guiding me the best window style that would suit my house best.


The windows were installed very fast and the guys who did it very friendly and polite. My house looks so much nicer now. I didn’t think that just by getting new windows would my house look so much different. IT looks more modern and cleaner! Fradan were lovely to work with and I will definitely be using them again in the future!

Garage doors for a great deal!

I’m the landlord of a few buildings in Birmingham and was looking at getting new garage doors for them, as the old ones were getting on a bit. I needed a good deal and good quality as I’m very serious about what happens to my buildings. I took to searching the web and looked for ‘Garage Doors Birmingham‘. There I found West Midlands Shutters. They had a great variety of garage doors so I contacted them about doing business.

Doors were installed and look great

The garage doors were being installed within a week of contact with West Midlands Shutters, and within 2 weeks all the doors had been done. I was chuffed with the work they did and the price they charged was right in my budget. I told them they would be seeing more of me, next time I need a garage door or maybe even one of the other services they offer!

My kids love their Inground trampoline!

For christmas I bought my kids an Inground Trampoline from Sunken Trampolines. They loved it and I was so pleased I had found a safe way for my kids to have fun without the risk of them hurting themselves. We had it installed in the garden and managed to get it to cover the old pond that was making the garden look a little gross. Our garden actually looks really nice now and it gets the kids outside more.

Sunken Trampolines are fantastic!

The guys from sunken trampolines that came to set up the trampoline were great. They were in and out in no time and I had faith they set it up right so there would be no problems. It’s been a while now since we had it installed and the kids still love it, the trampoline is still in great condition and all my kids friends are begging their parents for one too!

get a loft conversion!!

Have a few kids running around but no where to get work done? Need some privacy in your own home? If you search for ‘Loft Conversion Birmingham‘ you will come across Buckley Loft Conversions. They can transform your abandoned loft into a study or even just a quite space for you to hang out. They provided the best services and never let you down. They only want the best for their customers thats why they offer the best prices and the highest quality of work.

Best loft conversions in Birmingham!

Everyone needs there own space what better than not having to disappear of to work or wait until the kids are in school to do your own thing. Buckley Loft Conversions can change your home, it will be the best decision you ever make. Don’t let this opportunity pass you, it’s one you wont regret!

The grass is greener

Wether it be your own garden or a play area grass will always make the outside seem brighter, but when the natural grass is trampled on and uncared for it doesn’t look as beautiful. Wishaw Grass has the best Artificial grass Birmingham can offer! At amazing prices you can change the whole image of an outside area. Artificial grass always stays bright and Wishaw Grass can guarantee a beautiful landscape of green – it’s so good it could be considered art!

Why choose Wishaw Grass?

Everyone who uses Wishaw Grass artificial grass has said that they love it. Its a fantastic sight and it attracts so many peoples attention. The Quality and the price is amazing, you get everything you could imagine and more. The thrilling feeling of seeing a garden go from drab to fab just from using artificial grass is  amazing! The grass is always greener when it’s artificial!